El Sistema Kenya is a unique educational initiative to create positive social change through learning music.


By teaching children in a classical ensemble setting, they will learn valuable skills, including:

Critical Thinking


Analytical Skills


A Sense of Capability


Strong Social Skills


Endurance and Resilience


Confidence through Performance and Taking on Challenges


A Deep Sense of Value and Appreciation


Teamwork and Leadership


A Sense of Accomplishment for Excellence by their Own Hands


Global Exposure

Our pilot program starts in Kawangware, and from there we hope to start similar projects in Muthare, Dandora, Huruma, and other slums in Nairobi.  In the next five years we would like to start more projects in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and Mombasa, as well as creating links with others who would like to start El Sistema projects in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

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